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Using role-play as a research tool

4 minute read

A while ago I attended a philosophy seminar where the last presentation was about using science fiction as a tool for research. For researchers interested in...

Liquid Crystal

1 minute read

Next weekend I’ll have chance to play Liquid Crystal again. It is a game in which players create and play robots with no personality to start with. The game ...

On the sociology of games

1 minute read

I’ve been working on my second thesis seminar paper roughly from the beginning of the year.

New year, new ideas

2 minute read

We were sitting in sauna and it was getting late when we decided that it would be a perfect opportunity to play a short game of role-play. Few hours of time,...

Between Heaven and Hell

2 minute read

We’ve been playing Nobilis for some time now. It is a campaign, led by me, about the diplomacy between Heaven and Hell. The players have two sets of characte...