I’m a researcher interested in games, digital culture and philosophy. When not writing about games, I play role-playing games, draw maps and run federated social media.

You can find me from the University of Jyväskylä and The Finnish Society for Game Research. I currently work for the Centre of Excellence in Game Culture Studies.

Consulting and training

I regularly give interviews to media and organise trainings or give lectures. You can find what I’ve recently researched from my publication list. The list of my previous talks has examples of what kind of things I usually talk about. If you want to invite me to talk about my research, you can contact me on the email addresses below. Communicating about research is part of my job as a researcher, so I will do this without charge or in exchange for travel expenses, if the inviting party is a non-profit or works for the benefit of the public.

I supervise dissertations related to game studies. If you’re interested in working on a dissertation under my supervision, you can send me an email detailing what you’re interested in and what your previous education is like. I can’t hire doctoral students, but I can help you apply for doctoral studies and in finding research funding.


You can contact me on

Do not contact me about publishing commercial content on my site.