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What Was GamerGate Really About?

3 minute read

GamerGate was mostly active in 2014–2016, but you can still see the hashtag being used on Twitter. What was it about?

My Workflow in 2020

10 minute read

I’ve worked in academia now for a decade. I tend to test out different tools and ways of doing things. Here’s how I’m working in 2020.

Island Utopia

4 minute read

It’s been a while since there have been blank spots on maps. If one would like to start over, away from everything, there are few options left.

Exploring Gendered Computing Permalink

less than 1 minute read

When the Google Memo came out, I wrote about issues in how computing is gendered. I wanted to explore that topic further, so I wrote this interactive, longer...

Turning Everything into Paperclips

3 minute read

It might not be immediately apparent that to make paperclips, you need to take over the stock market. But every step in Universal Paperclips follows logicall...