For all I know, you’re the rat

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Reservoir Hounds was a success, at least with some criteria (and some post-game lie). The game ran for less than an hour, but that wasn’t surprising as I was quite sure we wouldn’t hit the two-hour time limit we had.

The concept of the game was simple: Reservoir Dogs turned into jeepform (if you haven’t seen it: a bunch of gangsters arguing why a robbery went bad, and who’s to blame). We had some simple mechanics for determining when the game ended, and a rule about determining what had happened during the actual robbery part. Basically anything that the players said had happened during the robbery had happened, unless someone disagreed. The rule was: anything the players say is true is true - unless they are lying. There was no objective truth, as everything was up to debate.

I played Eddie, who died of a gunshot wound after only a minute or two. That was the determined beginning of the game. I was quickly out of the game, and the players had full control. Never found out who shot me - it was never determined definitely, although the police, some of the robbers and myself were suspect.

The game ended so quickly because one of the rules of the game was that if somebody fired the only gun on the scene the game would end. The gun was in my hands when the game started and was quickly grabbed by one of the players when I died. When the others realized this they made him put the gun on a table in front of everybody. That didn’t last long: when they started arguing, one of the players grabbed the gun, somebody grabbed him and the gun went off accidentally. I found that a quite fitting ending.

After the game we discussed some ways to make the game more interesting. There were some ideas, but nothing final. I’ll try to post the rules sometime later, when I have time to format them to a more readable form.