This is the webpage of Jonne Arjoranta. You can see some of my writing below. You can also take a look at my publications, projects and dissertation.

Game Studies

I write about games and game studies as part of my research.

What's Hybrid in Hybrid Games?

Hybrid games may not yet be a household name like VR and AR, but they seem to be getting similar attention at least from developers and researchers.

Counterplay 2016

Counterplay was an odd experience for somebody like me, who mostly goes to academic conferences. Some of the program was very much like you would experience ...

Shared Playful Politics

I presented some preliminary observations on playful politics at the Sharing the Play -seminar. Here’s what I talked about. In 1938, Boston Curtis won a p...


There are also some writings on role-playing games, including some play-reports, designs and theory.

Halat hisar

Note: This is not an explanation of what Halat hisar was. If you need to understand the context, you can read an explanation written by the organizers.

Nights Black Agents and Zalozhniy Quartet

We recently finished a campaign of Night’s Black Agents, after playing it for 1.5-years and 29-sessions, making it one of the longest campaigns I’ve played. ...

PanoptiCorp, part 2: When Now Is Too Late

This is the second post about PanoptiCorp. The first was about personal experiences, so it actually makes more sense to read this first to get some context f...


Occasionally, I get inspired to write something on philosophy.

The Age of Bullshit

“One of the most salient features of our culture is that there is so much bullshit”, Harry Frankfurt wrote in On Bullshit (1986).

Computers Run on Metaphors

Computers are built to run on metaphoric relations taken from earlier forms of technology and human experience not related to computers. An obvious example i...

Google is Building an Ontology

Since the spring of 2012, Google has started to move from search of particular combinations of letters to searching things. This move from string-based searc...