Here’s a collection of talks I’ve given over the years that are still available somewhere online. You can find the slides I used in some of the presentations on this site.

Tell me if the links stop working and I’ll either try to find a working one or remove it from this list.

  1. Missä on Pelien Etuvartio? (2022).
  2. Keso, J. (2020). Suomalaisen Meemilegendan Jäljillä.
  3. Playing for Change. (2019).
  4. Mitä pelit merkitsevät? (2018).
  5. The Simulation of Media in Halat Hisar Live-Action Role-Playing Game. (2017).
  6. Pelien mediapaniikit. (2014).
  7. Understanding Player Interpretation: An Embodied Approach. (2013). Available for download.