Game Philosopher

Game Philosopher is a combination of two projects, both dealing with the same theme: game definitions. They playfully comment on game studies’ obsession with defining games.

They are also my attempt to outsource myself from my work. As a philosopher, I’m expected to engage in ontological and metaphysical questions, like what exactly, are games? Instead of trying to answer that question in a definitive way, Game Philosopher procedurally iterates on it, providing not just one answer, but new definitions around the clock. His definitions can be found from his Twitter account. The second way he works is this article that provides the definitive academic take on how games should be defined.

Oh, by the way, here is my take on game definitions. Not obsessed, I promise.

If you are curious about how this works, you can check out the tools I used. The Twitter bot uses Zach Whalen’s very user-friendly bot-creator spreadsheet. The definition article is my doing, which means the code is awful – in any case, you can check out the repository on Github. It uses RiTa.