Papers that Changed My Mind

3 minute read

I recently came upon a philosophy paper that seemed to tackle a problem I didn’t know existed and had a convincing argument for identifying and perhaps fixin...

The Age of Bullshit

2 minute read

“One of the most salient features of our culture is that there is so much bullshit”, Harry Frankfurt wrote in On Bullshit (1986).

Computers Run on Metaphors

4 minute read

Computers are built to run on metaphoric relations taken from earlier forms of technology and human experience not related to computers. An obvious example i...

Google is Building an Ontology

1 minute read

Since the spring of 2012, Google has started to move from search of particular combinations of letters to searching things. This move from string-based searc...

Neural Correlates of Meaning-Making

1 minute read

In humanities research related to psychology there tends to be a tendency to look for answer from neurological research. Things like consciousness, language ...

SMBC, Frame Semantics and Political Speech

1 minute read

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal had comic a while back about political speech. The idea was that, if you replace everything except nouns with nonsensical w...

Methodological contemplations

4 minute read

While I wholeheartedly think that science is mostly methodically uniform, there are two things that seem to differentiate the social sciences (or humanities)...

Defining games

1 minute read

I held a presentation on games in the National Seminar for Philosophy Students (Filosofian opiskelijoiden kansallinen seminaari, FOKS in Finnish) last saturd...

Using role-play as a research tool

4 minute read

A while ago I attended a philosophy seminar where the last presentation was about using science fiction as a tool for research. For researchers interested in...

Your Eminence

2 minute read

According to Mike’s Philosophical Definitions Page an Eminence is a “famous living academic whose work is relevant but sloppy. I’d like to elaborate more on ...

Horror & Philosophy

4 minute read

Two of archetypical creatures found in horror movies, zombies and vampires, have also found their way into philosophy. To eat the delicious, undoubtedly larg...

Master’s Thesis

less than 1 minute read

I’ve been trying to come up with a topic for my master’s thesis for some time now. In March, I have to have some idea what I’m going to research. I suggested...


1 minute read

I’ve been writing my bachelor’s thesis since spring and it is nearly complete. It should, since I have to present it next month. I started with the vague ide...