PanoptiCorp, part 2: When Now Is Too Late

3 minute read

This is the second post about PanoptiCorp. The first was about personal experiences, so it actually makes more sense to read this first to get some context f...

Jeepform scenario, iteration 2

1 minute read

I ran a simple jeepform scenario based on Reservoir Dogs a few years ago. I recently became interested in larp again, partly because of Monitor Celestra.

For all I know, you’re the rat

1 minute read

Reservoir Hounds was a success, at least with some criteria (and some post-game lie). The game ran for less than an hour, but that wasn’t surprising as I wa...

Of theory and practice

1 minute read

A discussion I had with some local rpg-players got me thinking about the history of rpg-theory in Finland. The best known of theories was the one based on th...

Chronicle coming to an end

2 minute read

It seems we are finally reviving the larp chronicle we have been writing for several years now. We already agreed that the next part will be the last; maybe ...