Here are some projects and resources (finished, unfinished and broken) I’ve been involved with.

Last Resort Bot

Cut my life into pieces, this is my Twitter bot.

That is just to say

This is just to say that I made a Twitter bot for William Carlos Williams' poem This Is Just To Say.


Redacted is 50 000 random-generated words for NaNoGenMo2016.


Tämän botin kehittynyt algoritmi luo ehdotuksia Suomen yliopistokentän uudistamiseksi, jotta päättäjillä olisi helpompaa.

Markdown & Tiede

Markdown & Tiede is a Markdown and academic writing guide in Finnish.

Game Philosopher

Game Philosopher is the definitive take on game definitions.


EclipseSHOE is a GUMSHOE conversion of the role-playing game Eclipse Phase.

Ghost Note Cipher

Ghost Note Cipher is a rhythm-game set in future Africa that was started as part of Expa Game Lab.


Sampleshooter is a musical shooting game done at Expa Casual Game Jam.

Nobilis Handout

A single-page handout for playing Nobilis, third edition.

The Traitorous Rat

The Traitorous Rat is an unfinished gangster game played with cards.

Kouvolan Kronikka

Kouvolan Kronikka was a 4-year long larp chronicle. Read the summary in Finnish.