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Everything is a Computer

1 minute read

You probably didn’t notice that there was a fundamental shift in how technology operates in and integrates into our lives. It used to be that there were cust...

The Age of Bullshit

2 minute read

“One of the most salient features of our culture is that there is so much bullshit”, Harry Frankfurt wrote in On Bullshit (1986).

What’s Hybrid in Hybrid Games?

2 minute read

Hybrid games may not yet be a household name like VR and AR, but they seem to be getting similar attention at least from developers and researchers.

Halat hisar

3 minute read

Note: This is not an explanation of what Halat hisar was. If you need to understand the context, you can read an explanation written by the organizers.

Counterplay 2016

2 minute read

Counterplay was an odd experience for somebody like me, who mostly goes to academic conferences. Some of the program was very much like you would experience ...