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Things Best Expressed by Games

1 minute read

There are, I think, some things best expressed by games, as opposed to other media. When I say โ€˜games,โ€™ I mostly mean videogames, but some of this probably a...

Pepe the Frog at Kiasma

3 minute read

Last year me and Johannes Koski published our study on a series of fascinating and confusing events.

Magical Computers

1 minute read

I read a lot of texts on computers and games from the humanities and social sciences perspectives. They are usually non-technical papers that deal with the h...

Common Problems in Writing About Games

2 minute read

After reading game studies for years, there are a few issues that I regularly encounter and that I find problematic. I thought about writing a more thorough ...

Misusing Emotes

1 minute read

What do players do when they canโ€™t talk to each other directly? Argue on the forums, it seems to be. We studied the forum users of the popular card game Hear...