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The Player of Games

1 minute read

I recently read Iain M. Banks’ The Player of Games, and besides being a good book it’s got special kicks for anyone into game research. I’m not giving away t...

Roadtrip the rpg

1 minute read

Yesterday we drove some nine hours to deliver stuff. Surprisingly it wasn’t few hours of talking and then endless hours of being bored. We got company and on...

The Mountain Witch

1 minute read

I started a game of The Mountain Witch yesterday. I like this game particularly for being so easy to pick up and start with a moments notice.

Seminar paper

1 minute read

After moving into a new apartment and catching the most awful flu you ever experienced I’ve found that trying to keep up any kind of schedule for writing her...

Political games

2 minute read

Last Sunday we played the third game in my series of political games. ‘Political’ does not here mean that they included political action by the characters, b...