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Jeepform scenario, iteration 2

1 minute read

I ran a simple jeepform scenario based on Reservoir Dogs a few years ago. I recently became interested in larp again, partly because of Monitor Celestra.

Embodied Control Schemes

5 minute read

Modern games often use control schemes that rely on our intuitive understanding of the human body. With modern controllers, this has become even more true.

Google is Building an Ontology

1 minute read

Since the spring of 2012, Google has started to move from search of particular combinations of letters to searching things. This move from string-based searc...

Neural Correlates of Meaning-Making

1 minute read

In humanities research related to psychology there tends to be a tendency to look for answer from neurological research. Things like consciousness, language ...

Meaning Effects in Video Games

1 minute read

I’m writing a paper about the tools authors can use in literature to convey certain meaning effects, but applied to video games. There are several tools avai...