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Real, Fictive and Virtual

3 minute read

The concepts real, fiction and virtual get tossed around pretty casually around game studies. It seems that “virtual” is a lasting favorite, used to rescue a...


3 minute read

I’ve recently had to reflect on my attitude towards free-to-play games. I recognise there are two sides to the issue, and I’ve been trying hard to reconcile ...

First Deploy With Octopress

less than 1 minute read

Thinking I could move all my blogging to a single place I tried using Octopress. It seems nice and light, converting markdown text to static html-pages.

Dissertation Summary

4 minute read

I recently gave a mock-lectio praecursoria as part of a course I’m taking. It summarises some of the work I’ve done for my dissertation.

Computers Run on Metaphors

4 minute read

Computers are built to run on metaphoric relations taken from earlier forms of technology and human experience not related to computers. An obvious example i...