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I recently changed the site over to Jekyll. The previous version was written by me in HTML5 on top of HTML5 Boilerplate and the blog was handled by Octopress. I liked Octopress, with the simple-enough static site generation, and the ability to write stuff mostly in markdown.

Octopress is built on top of Jekyll, so I looked a bit more on how Jekyll works and found a theme I liked, Skinny Bones. I made some changes, to better suit my use, but mostly the theme was great. The great thing about Jekyll is that I could make the games page automatic, making adding more games very easy in the future. Of course, figuring out how to do that took some time.

In case you want to build your own site with Jekyll, I used mostly these resources to understand how Jekyll works:

The feed location changed because the site organization changed. Sorry, if you were reading articles with a feed reader. You can find the new link from the bottom of the page.

If you have any questions on using Jekyll, you can send me a message on Twitter.