First Deploy With Octopress

less than 1 minute read

Thinking I could move all my blogging to a single place I tried using Octopress. It seems nice and light, converting markdown text to static html-pages.

In practice, it wasnโ€™t that easy. It might be the ~ in my site address or a broken conversion between Wordpress and Octopress. There is a warning on Octopress pages that it is a blogging platform for hackers. They werenโ€™t kidding.

I managed to import my old blog posts from two Wordpress blogs without losing much info on the way and without anything breaking, so I guess it can be considered a success. I almost gave up midway, but after visiting #octopress on Freenode I got some advice and everything in working condition.

I still have some trouble with some parts of ruby not registering as installed in some cases, but at least it works most of the time.