Jeepform scenario, iteration 2

1 minute read

I ran a simple jeepform scenario based on Reservoir Dogs a few years ago. I recently became interested in larp again, partly because of Monitor Celestra.

Inspired by my experiences in Celestra, I started rewriting the jeepform scenario again. I still donโ€™t have a proper name for the scenario: I called it Reservoir Hounds the last time I ran it, but that sounds a bit too much like copyright infringement, so I need to come up with a better title.

Part of what I got from Monitor Celestra was a heavier focus on meta-narrative rules. Celestra used rules for controlling things like the use of violence and death in games, and that was something that I would also like to implement in my second version of the scenario. The way those rules were used in Celestra required the game to be split in parts, and I will probably be doing that for the scenario.

I figured how the basic outline of how that would work already, but I still need to think about how to move from one scene to the next and what would work as a trigger for that.

Hopefully, I will get a chance to playtest the game soon.