Gamified apps and tools

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Iโ€™m taking a Coursera course on gamification and as part of that I looked into what kind of things have been gamified and how. Here is a short list of the more interesting ones I found:

  • Epic Win: Gamified to-do list. For iPhone.

  • Duolingo: Language learning. At least partly free. Available online, has a iPhone app.

  • Trover: Travel photo app. For iPhone and Android.

  • ClassDojo: Teaching tool (they call it โ€œbehavior management softwareโ€ - sounds creepy) . For many different platforms.

  • UP by Jawbone: Data collection app / tool for healthy living. Needs you to wear a wristband.

  • HabitRPG: A tool to turn chores/tasks into quests in a RPG. You also choose the rewards. Works in a browser.

  • Proof!: Turns any project into a social challenge. For iPhone or Android.