The Mountain Witch

1 minute read

I started a game of The Mountain Witch yesterday. I like this game particularly for being so easy to pick up and start with a moments notice.

This actually describes the situation I was in very well: only a few hours before our scheduled gaming time somebody reminded me that I own the game, and they would like to play it. An hour before the game I searched for all my game apparels and read through the game quickly, reminding myself what this game was all about.

Few hours later we had characters and a game, with players that had never played it before. Next week we will actually start the story. It suits our Monday-gaming-group well because it is relatively short, and easily divided into short episodes. It is normally played in short chapters, so I can have one chapter for each Monday.

The game also suits my current situation very well: I donโ€™t have time or the motivation to plan extensively for our games. This being a player-driven game with the narrative power being mostly in the hands of the players, I donโ€™t have to. Iโ€™ll just throw some elements in once in a while to make the game more interesting, and then enjoy the ride.

I wonder if the Mountain Witch ends up dead this time.