Roadtrip the rpg

1 minute read

Yesterday we drove some nine hours to deliver stuff. Surprisingly it wasn’t few hours of talking and then endless hours of being bored. We got company and one of us promised that he would run a game for us while we were driving. I was a bit sceptical about it, but I also knew that they had done it once before. We created characters (took us almost four hours) and then played. The game master didn’t drive; the rest of us took turns. The game was Shadowrun, which is relatively rules-heavy, and very dependent on dice. (Dice in a car, brilliant.) It didn’t slow us down significantly.

The person driving kept his/her eyes on the road and hands on the wheel, and the rest threw the dice and made the necessary notes. It did take the GM some time to learn that “so what is your character doing next” doesn’t work very well when the people playing don’t see him. It also meant very little acting out, and more description than usual. The game actually took us a bit longer to finish than the trip did. We ended up playing for almost an hour in a stationary car next to the place we we’re supposed to drop of some of the players. The kids playing on the street next to us did give us some puzzled looks.