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Remember that game of Shadowrun I mentioned before? It died after some three playing sessions. However, it had too much potential & time spent on creating the ideas behind it to go to waste, so we decided to have another go at it, with a different GM.

The basic idea is that each character has a single theme related to activism, with social activism and environmentalism being the main topics. As the antagonist we have the all-powerful & ever-present corporations which symbolise all that is wrong with the world of 2070: pollution, inequality, social instability, racism etc. What brings the characters together is the common goal of breaking away from the flawed society and creating an utopia somewhere where the evil companies can’t touch them. What is still left to be seen is how they intend to do this in practice - it is quite possible that it won’t happen at all. Regardless, it will be (and to some extent has been) an interesting chance of looking at society and how it is changed, through the medium of role-play.