Writing characters

I’ve been writing larp characters for some time now. It’s been taking a lot longer than I suspected, partly because I’ve changed my way of writing a bit. I used to write with a flow-of-consciousness method, but I’ve been slowly learning and adopting process writing. I think the result is a bit better (and there are less typos and mistakes), but the downside is that I have to use more time to get (roughly) same results. Nevertheless, the characters are mostly written.

We tried using modular writing to save time and effort, and I still think it is a good idea. We should have used it from the beginning, and not just for the last game. I’m afraid the difference can be a bit of a culture-shock for the players, who have gotten used to the prose we have used before.

In another news: I tried finding the book, Rules of Play, I need for writing the article I was urged to write. Not surprisingly, it is being used by some researcher somewhere. Luckily, I happen to know a guy working at the same department, and he asked if I could have the book for a while. Now waiting for the answer.