Here are some projects and resources (finished, unfinished and broken) I’ve been involved with.

Kouvolan Kronikka

Kouvolan Kronikka was a 4-year long larp chronicle. Read the summary in Finnish.

The Traitorous Rat

The Traitorous Rat is an unfinished gangster game played with cards.

Nobilis Handout

A single-page handout for playing Nobilis, third edition.


Sampleshooter is a musical shooting game done at Expa Casual Game Jam.

Ghost Note Cipher

Ghost Note Cipher is a rhythm-game set in future Africa that was started as part of Expa Game Lab.


EclipseSHOE is a GUMSHOE conversion of the role-playing game Eclipse Phase.

Game Philosopher

Game Philosopher is the definitive take on game definitions.

Markdown & Tiede

Markdown & Tiede is a Markdown and academic writing guide in Finnish.


Redacted is 50 000 random-generated words for NaNoGenMo2016.

That is just to say

This is just to say that I made a Twitter bot for William Carlos Williams' poem This Is Just To Say.